Friday, March 16, 2012

Best Pi Day Ever

After Tuesday's wicked sleeplessness was resolved, Wednesday turned out to be one of my greatest days in recent memory.

After waking and breakfasting, I went running with both boys. Until then, we'd never had a run that hadn't ended with a screaming Ollie. He was never wet, hungry, or even tired. He just doesn't like running (he doesn't mind being in the same stroller while walking the dog, however). What was the difference on this perfect Pi Day? I gave some of those weird baby puff things to Rhett and gave Rhett instructions to feed Ollie if/when he got fussy. It totally worked. Love.

Day gets better: For Rhett's semi-weekly TV time, I found a Berenstain Bears show for Rhett. The Bears are only about his most favoritest thing ever. Score!

Day gets even better: After TV time, Ollie woke up and since it was already a million degrees (or close to) I decided to take the boys to a park that has this squishy mat floor (it was built for special-needs kids), which means Ollie could happily crawl around while Rhett played. When it was time to go, Rhett left without a fit. Score!

Even better: A lunch we could all agree on: scrambled eggs with cinnamon-sugar toast and a banana. Ollie had sweet potatoes. Score!

And better: Ollie took an awesome nap, and although Rhett didn't nap, he at least stayed in his room so I could finish the million loads of laundry (or close to) while watching some mom TV (which was not Berenstain Bears). Score!

And better: When a much-better-feeling Chuck arrived home, we got the boys out on a lovely walk wherein Chuck and I talked (!) about some most-awesome plans (which will be revealed Monday). And after the walk, we opened the sandbox for Rhett and he loved it and we loved sitting outside on the blanket with Ollie (who does NOT love grass, by the way) in the shade. Score!

And better: Although I had something planned for dinner, Chuck had a better idea: pizza! (Pizza pie? Pi day? It worked for us.) Then we decided to take the pizza and Snickers pie over to his parents' house. Good food was had by all. I'm killing myself for not taking a picture of that Snickers Pie. Chuck made a chocolate sauce "pi" on it. It was lovely. We had leftovers and delivered some to a friend whose husband could not support that kind of pie being made for pi day.

And better: Chuck didn't have his usual Elders' Quorum meeting so we could watch some Downton Abbey. (I know, I know. We're a bit late, but I didn't remember any of Season 1 so I had to catch up.)

It was a lovely, lovely day.

Stay tuned for a big announcement on Monday. (But just don't think too much on it because while it's very fun, it's very far away.)

Clearly, because this was the best day in a loooong time, note that my life is not usually this awesome. It's good; I know it. But most days have only one or two of these "better day" moments. Wednesday I just happened to get all in one day.


  1. yay for a great day - we need those days every now and then. glad you got one! and super yay for puffs!

  2. That is SO so SO good! What awesomeness. Thanks for the clarification at the end. I was starting to get jealous, but you attenuated the feeling by noting that this is an unusual occurence. Not that I don't want you to have super happy days like this all the time!

  3. Love it when the whole entire day goes well! Too bad it doesn't happen more often!

  4. It's sounds absolutely LOVELY. I LOVE it when things just work out and you get or feel lucky ;)