Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Boys' Room: Finis

Finally. Except for maybe a new comforter for Rhett (the down comforter spilling out of the duvet cover drives me nuts), I think I'm done playing with this room.

We finished the "animal jail" (Rhett won't call it a cage or zoo) last Saturday. Sadly for me, it holds a lot more stuffed animals than I thought. Happily for Rhett, it holds a lot more stuffed animals than I thought. But at least they're all contained. And no, I didn't mean for the words on the jail to be all scrunched and I meant to redo it. But the longer I kept it on, I grew to like it. It's kinda rough, you know, like prison. I think it works.

The scrabble wall I've posted about before. But the cute quilling and the fabric picture of the boys are new. The picture of the boys is sentimental because my mom learned to do this style of art (and then did it--she made this one) when she lived in Japan with her two small sons (before we girls came along). Then she gave it to me. And now I have two small sons. My sister did the lovely quilling for birth presents for the boys. Love it all.

And the abacus. I love it. Ollie loves looking at it during diaper changes.

Almost all the whole room. When clean (which is most of the time because you can see we didn't really intend for it to be a play place) it makes me happy. But not nearly as happy as its inhabitants make me.


  1. Oh that is lovely!!! Good work- it really all looks amazing!

    (yes that is all caps)

  3. i adore that room! it looks like a room ohdeedoh would showcase. seriously. i have no idea what i love more: the scrabble names, the jail, the abacus. . . etc. it's all so cute! i wish you would come and decor my house. :)

  4. K, I am so in love with the scrabble name tiles. My boys too share a room and after I saw yours I am SURE I need to make them one. I have the names all figured out as far as placement and what not....but, can you send me the link to when you did yours ( I am great at following but not at doing it by my self). Thanks!

  5. Love it! Did you make the abacus? That is my favorite.

  6. Oh my gosh, I love it!!!! Love the colors and the giant abacus and scrabble and fabrics and toy container!!! It's all so perfect!!! You've inspired me to get Freddie's room find when we get back!! Congratulations!!!!!!