Monday, March 5, 2012

Trip to the Aquarium

The National Aquarium in Baltimore is amazing, but also crazy expensive ($25 for each adult and $20 for kids for just entrance). Add parking and dinner, and you're looking at a very expensive trip. However, during the winter months, they do $8 Fridays after 5. Awesome, right? Last Friday we went for the first time and it was just as cool as we hoped.

Some crazy river ray and crazy little boys.

Who knows what this thing is, but it's huge.

Rhett's favorite: sharks!

Crazy sawnose shark (not its real name, as far as I know).

Chuck's favorite: biggest turtle of the night.

My favorite: the boys! Oh, and the jellies were pretty cool too.

Rhett already wants to know when we can return. I tell him, "When you save up enough money to pay for it, young man!" The real world can be rough, little buddy.


  1. So fun!!!!!! Glad you're teaching Rhett early. Gas us going to be like $19/gallon when he's driving. Funny and true :(

  2. wowzers, that looks pretty spectacular! so glad they offer a good deal on friday nites. perfect.

    and your boys are pretty spectacular themselves. :)