Monday, March 12, 2012

Random Thoughts

I don't think Chuck and I talk enough these days. And by talk, I mean discuss things other than our children. We used to talk in bed, but now that we have kids, we fall asleep immediately when heads hit pillows. Maybe now that we have more light in the nights, I'll institute "Couple Home Evening" after the chilluns go to bed on Mondays. We'll sit outside on the porch, drink adult beverages (non-watered-down juice!), and chat. Hmmm...the only problem is, what should we talk about?

I've been doing Zumba once a week. When I'm "dancing" and I don't look in the mirror I feel pretty awesome. Then I make the mistake of looking at myself (remember, this is a dance studio and the entire front wall is a mirror) and I'm reminded that I'm an almost-35-year-old woman who hasn't danced in about 20 years and has birthed two children. It's not pretty. I must remember to not look in the mirror. (Related to this: has anyone used any tan-in-a-bottle stuff? My legs are embarrassingly pale.)

I've been doing the Zumba in my continued quest to lose weight. I'm almost to my goal weight, but man, it's so dang hard. So hard. This weekend all I've wanted to do is demolish a bag of Swedish Fish. Doesn't that sound so good? Yes. Yes, it does.

Let's say you have a friend who knows how to sew and her older son's 4th birthday is coming up. In the past she made him shirts for his birthday (ahem, ahem, ahem). How lame is it for her to make matching pants this year? (And be nice, because maybe she's already finished both pants and shirt.) And if it's not lame because the little boy will only be four, at what point is it lame?

We continue to have unbelievable weather. I mean it. Tomorrow's high is the only one of the week in the 60s, all others are in the 70s. (Wednesday will be 77--WHAT?!?!? That's almost too hot!). This was the fourth warmest winter in recorded history and we have really noticed it. It is so awesome.

Pi Day on Wednesday! Will you make a pie? Chuck requested a Snickers pie before he even knew they existed. I feel it's kind of cheating in the science of pie making, but whatever. It's a Snickers pie; I'll make an exception.


  1. yes, ben's and i's conversation can be lacking in excitiment, too. i mean, our kids are exiting and all, but still. . . talk about where you want to go for your 10th anniversary. talk about what your last meal would be if you were sentenced to die the next morning. something like that.

    i'm like that, too - i feel okay about myself, then i look in a full-length mirror. yuck. i just wish i could find the perfect pair of pants for my body!

    i think it's awesome you're doing zumba, though. and i did the tan in the bottle stuff way back in my gymnastics' days: my hands were orange for a week. as well as my legs. it wasn't pretty. but i hear there are some good products out there.

    not lame at all to make pants and shirt. do it until he tells you it's lame.

    snickers pie. cool!

  2. Just imagine me doing zumba pregnant! Now THAT is a sight to see I'm sure. Don't worry. I stand in the back corner and hope nobody watches me! And I never allow myself to be seen in the mirror!!

    Very jealous of the nice weather. WE are headed to St. George tomorrow and it says 70s!!! Yay!

  3. Mark and I talk a lot about death/the after life (we're not that deep normally, it's mostly because we lost his dad over a year ago) and that's like the only topic that doesn't have to do with our kids lately. I agree, it is annoying.
    Reason #1 why I hate going to Zumba: that stupid mirror.