Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Rhett's Clues

As we drove home from picking up the boys after a recent date night, Rhett wanted to tell us something one of the other littles said. However, he wouldn't tell us, even though he wanted to. We then tried to figure out why he wouldn't tell us. Our surmised reasons included, "Does it include a bad word?" "Does it make you embarrassed?" "Do you think we'll think it's silly?" No, no, and no. Finally it came out that it included a word that I don't like. We then had to guess the word I don't like. (Because we knew the topic was about going to the bathroom, we had a bit of a head start.) So I went immediately to panties or undies (neither is a word I like, for nothing but silly reasons, probably one being that my Mom used those words and I hated them then). Rhett said that we were getting closer. Turns out that what the little girl said was that she went potty in her pants. That's it. No big deal, right?

Well, Rhett LOVED giving us clues so we could figure it out. So then he invented this game wherein he gave us clues to guess things. For example, one was, "It has wheels, two lights in the front, two lights in the back, and a roof." Chuck and I guessed silly things (ice cream, spaceship, etc.) until we were tired enough to correctly guess CAR. Rhett was so excited when we got it right.

Here's another good example: "This has Chuck E. Cheese inside and is a store." Uh, is it Chuck E. Cheese? YES! I think Chuck "earned a shiny new medal" for that one. No lie; that's what Rhett decreed. I, however, did not earn a shiny new medal.

But the best was this one:
Rhett: Okay. This is in the car and has cute little hands.
Chuck: Is it me?
Me: I know! I know! It's Bruno!
Rhett: Nooooo.
Me: Okay, we need another clue please.
Rhett: He used to have a mohawk.

This kid. I'm so glad he talks. I forgot to mention that when we solved the puzzle, we'd sing this, "We just figured out Rhett's clues. We just figured out Rhett's clues. We just figured out Rhett's clues. And now I want a snack." I'm still waiting on that snack.

P.S. I found out that one of my youngest readers requested more pictures of Rhett. Ask and we shall receive, Madeleine! I show you another great outfit by Rhett. That's right: a tie on top of a sweater vest with nothing underneath it. Suh-weet. Totally appropriate for a BounceU day, don't you think?

P.P.S. Here's his birthday interview for those three people interested in watching all six minutes:


  1. oh man that video is great. emmy says, "happy birthday." he's quite the character - so cute!

    also, love the clue game. and love his outfits!

  2. Madeleine thinks Rhett looks like a stud!

    We love the more face time from him! :)

    And Rhett's such a sharp kid. My mom wanted me to pass this along, as she reminisced about her time here with the girls and their little friends. "That Rhett is a cutie. Yeah. He's a good, cute little boy. I quite like him, too." We concur! You've got great offsrping!

  3. hahahahha!!!! I love it! When he said Madeleine and June are his best friends I was like, awww, I miss them all!!! Wish Freddie could grow up with them!!! Miss you! Cute Cute Cute kid, Erin.