Friday, March 30, 2012

Random Thoughts

Is there any nice way to tell your spouse that he/she stinks? You know, like from sweating?

I used the same shampoo (Pantene) since I was about 14. I recently ran out and used Chuck's (Suave). Do you believe there's a difference, other than their costs? I think I'm too cheap to continue to buy Pantene and honestly, my hair feels okay with the Suave. Related: if you run out of your bar soap in the shower, is it weird to wash your body with shampoo?

Please tell me that my sister and I are not the only ones who have problems getting good eye prescriptions. I spent two hours last week at an eye doctor only to get home and put in the trial contacts and the right eye is horrible! I mean, I was wearing -6.75 before the appointment; how in the world does changing it to -6.00 make sense?! Had I seen that, I would have immediately asked, but I didn't. C'mon, Emily and I can't be the only ones who are bad at the "Which one is better: one or two?" thing, right? I'm starting to dread those appointments more than I dread the dental ones. (Sorry Dr. Eileen.)

Ladies: do you feel like you crave the companionship of other women? I'm not sure I need it, but man, I really, really, really enjoy it. Chuck, however, just doesn't have that same need to talk and/or hang out with other guys. It's okay to him that he doesn't have "guy nights" to balance all my "Girls' Night Out" and craft nights.

Let's say that you won a lot of money. And when I say "a lot" I'm talking about a hundred million of dollars in, say, a lottery. Of course I know many of you'd never gamble on a lottery. (Cough cough, elder Dad.) Just go with me on this please. Would you set aside some of it in a trust for your children? You know, so that they'd receive $25 million (or some other ridiculously large amount) when they turned 18, 21, or 25? FYI, Chuck and I agree on this but we are in complete disagreement with his coworkers.

Anyone have experience with a baby that poops so much that he's waking himself up at nights and during naps? It's getting ridiculous over here and we have NO idea how to help him (and us) sleep better. Could my boys be more different? (The answer is NO.)


  1. ben just tells me i smell. i don't think he says "stink." :) but i say, "well that's what happens when you exercise. . ." :)

    so funny about the shampoo. we ran out of pantene and got suave. i hated it and the feel of my hair - i had no idea i, of all people, would ever notice a difference! so at sam's club we bought some more pantene. to me, it's worth it. but if you can't tell a difference, then i wouldn't worry about it!

    i'm already dreading my eye-appointment. it's totally frustrating! and so funny that we are so similar: my right eye was always like -5.75 or something. then my last visit (when i finally ordered glasses, too!) my right eye contacts were -5.0. needless to say, it stinks.

    i really do like being around women - i actually totally enjoy my VT visits. and the other times i get to chat with my girlfriends.

    i would definitely give some to my kids. i don't know if i would give them a huge amount. maybe i would give them substantial payments like when they are 25 and then 35 and then 45. that would be fun!

    like i said, the BRAT diet for ollie! good luck!

  2. my girls and i are not shy about telling their dad he needs a shower. he works hard physically at work so he usually washes up when he gets home anyway.

    i have to tell you i've used suave ever since i ran out of shampoo once and rani let me borrow some of hers and i couldn't tell the difference. suave is SOOO much less expensie and there are usually coupons in the sunday paper too.

    i hear you on the eye thing but much more in the way of glasses for me. contacts i've had pretty good luck but man i swear when i get new glasses, they never seem right. maybe it's because i wear contact so often i dunno but it really bothers me. i'd like to wear my glasses more.

    my 'best friend' from my ward is moving and i'm getting a little bummed about this. while i don't feel i have a ton of lady friends, i tend to be fiercely loyal to those i am friends with. doug has one guy friend that he often does stuff with and i think it's good for him.

    not sure on the money thing, haven't had to think about it.

    my kids turned into pooping machines whenever they were teething. perhaps one is on the way?

  3. i totally use shampoo to wash myself if I need. and anything is fair game for facewash...horrible.

    if I won the lottery I'd
    a. pay tithing
    b. pay off all debt
    c. buy a modest home and a family car for me (range rover) and cool car for collin
    d. set aside enough for x amount of kids to get college degrees
    e. go on an awesome family trip
    f. invest the rest

    -I never would have thought myself a needer of girl's night, but I'd really like to be able to hang out with natalie and you. like, go get tea or do crafts or something once every week-2 weeks and just chat chat chat.