Monday, March 26, 2012

Made by Me

Rhett's penultimate birthday outfit. The pants came from a pattern from this "Sewing for Boys" book. With the pattern's kinks in my head, I might try to churn out another pair lickety-split.

I made this bag for Ollie's day care stuff. I love how easily the drawstrings move.

Can you believe I almost entirely missed my sister's elder son's baptism? When she pinned a bag to make for his new scriptures, I knew (1) I must offer to do it and (2) I would get to because I know there's no way she would have finished in time. (To her credit, it was only like ten days before the baptism and she has four kids.  She's a bit busy.)

And these for Rhett's birthday. I thought he might enjoy playing pretend with them. Turns out he only likes scaring people with them. But hey, he likes them. (I gotta say, they look pretty awesome in this picture. If real life, not so much. Still cool, but this picture flatters them.)

One picture of Rhett wearing the koala. Don't you love the pizza on his cheeck?

Even adults like them! (Don't hate me, Linda!)

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  1. so love it all - everything is pretty much perfect. he rocked the outfit on his birthday. :) adorable bag for ollie, too. the scripture case is 1,000 xs better than what i could have done so i'm so happy you did it!!! miles loves it. and those masks are just awesome.