Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm Just a Little Bit Scared

Did I tell you about the awesome swap a friend and I engineered? No? Well! My friend (Sarah) and I thought that each of us needed a weekend trip to New York with our husbands but without our kids. She's huge into Broadway and shows and all that, and me? I just like traveling with Chuck and we haven't been there together. Our kids are close in age, so a swap seemed fair and doable.

How does it work? One weekend we watch their kids and the next weekend they take ours. Easy peasy, right?

We started with a pre-trip meeting. Rather than spend all the time at drop-off explaining schedules and diet, we got it done when the kids were asleep and out of the way. Plus, drop-off will (hopefully) be all the smoother. Now that we know all about each others' kids, we just go on our trips! That's it.

We decided on weekend trips because both of us would like the husbands around as much as possible, especially when we're doing the babysitting. So Friday (today) Sarah and Jim will drop off their lovely children at our house. We'll play with them, feed them, nap them...parent them until Sarah and Jim come back Sunday afternoon.

Sounds easy, right? Uh, did you forget this is me?! I freak out at having two kids, what am I going to do with four?! Four kids that are four and under. Four kids that we can't transport easily. Yep. Scared. Forgive me if we watch more TV than we usually allow Rhett to watch in a month. Forgive me if we eat pasta and waffles all weekend. Forgive me if on Sunday afternoon I look a little frazzled.

I might be exaggerating. Sarah's kids are easy (and lovely) kids. It's not at all the quality of children I'm worried about, just the quantity. It will all be worth it in about 168 hours as Chuck and I will be on a bus headed for New York City. (And DANG if I don't have the awesomest NYC plan ever. Not kidding.) Wish us luck!

P.S. To those of you who offered support on Wednesday's post...thank you. Please be assured that I tend to exaggerate just a little. Rhett has had a lot of successful quiet times recently (music helps a ton!). Ollie slept until 6:40 the other morning! And Star, I love the qualification of "educational" videos. Tee hee. I guess "Sponge Bob" is out. But I do appreciate the reminder that it really is okay to do that. Just be assured everyone, that as much as I look forward to the boys when they're older, they still melt my heart every day. Like Tuesday night when Rhett asked if I could put "underwear day" on my "list" for the next day. You know, a day in which we don't wear pants. Like this morning when Rhett chose Ollie's and his own clothes. (Hmm...maybe we need to have a lesson on dressing.) I do so love these boys.


  1. Hahahahahaha those pictures are so cute! They crack me up! Can't wait for Freddie to have a sibling!! (someday) :)

  2. Wow. No Monday post. This past weekend must have scared you (scarred you? ;)) good.

    Also, did you all go pantless on Wednesday per Rhett's request? Inquiring minds want to know...