Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Life is Hard...Again (Still?)

It's been a while since I last complained, no? I bet you were thinking that I finally grew up and learned that I have a pretty good life. Well sorry to disappoint.

Life has been a bit hard lately. Ollie is just so different from Rhett that I feel like I have to learn how to parent all over again. He does nothing like Rhett did. Where Rhett was a good sleeper, Ollie is not. Where Rhett only went poo every other day, Ollie does not (interrupting multiple sleep times instead). Where Rhett didn't get teeth until he was walking, Ollie started getting them at six months. Where Rhett didn't get into things or put things in his mouth, Ollie eats everything. All this poor kid hears all day is "No, Ollie!"

And even where they're similar, it's still hard. Feeding Ollie baby food can be a challenge. I just want to make two peanut butter and honey sandwiches and be done. I would love for Ollie to be doing finger foods at least; the spoon-fed pureed stuff is tough.

And, Rhett, dear Rhett, is getting more and more out of the nap routine, even though I think he needs it some days. For some time, he was still doing them on his very active days. But now? Nope. But that means our evenings can be very difficult. He's just not in a good mood which means back talk, yelling, and general craziness. And dinner? Oy. The kid only wants alfredo pasta and won't even try other things. Remember, I have a Chuck in my house, so it's not like I'm making tilapia with pesto (although I really would love it!). It's basically some variation of chicken every night. Seriously.

Then there's just how tired I am of this weight battle. I try not to talk about it too much so forgive me, but man, it just feels like it shouldn't take this long. I am three pounds from my goal weight. Even though I can wear my pre-baby clothes, I know I'm still a little "thick." But I'm complacent. I mean, the clothes fit! I'm running four days a week, zumba-ing one, and walking the dog a lot. It's just this: I'm tired of eating good-for-me food. I want to eat an entire box of Hot Tamales. I really really do. And I don't want to eat vegetables. I really really don't. Sigh. What if I ate only 1,200 calories worth of Hot Tamales daily? Could I lose weight on that? Hmmmm...something to consider.

If I were any kind of real statistician and did an analysis on the problems in our house, I think that factor analysis would yield one, big screaming result: SLEEP. Ollie likes to wake up around 5 a.m. and then he's up. Sorry; I just can't accept this. So even though we don't go to him until later, we're still woken at that time. And because Rhett's not napping, I can't either. I (and Chuck too) am just Tired. All. The. Time.

When does it end? Ever? Do I have to wait until the boys are teenagers when I get up, run seven miles, shower, grocery shop, and wake the men of my house with smells of the yummy breakfast I'm cooking? When will those days begin?

P.S. Does anyone have a truly wash-and-wear hairstyle that looks good? Does one really exist?


  1. Testing, testing... can I comment?

  2. I can! So... my thoughts...

    I don't know anything about hair. But I do get curls when I pin up my hair semi wet or even wet in the mornings. By afternoon I have a 'hairstyle.' Don't know if that helps.

    I'm sorry you're struggling. And I think you're right: sleep. It is THE PINNACLE of being able to function happily. 5 am is soooo early. Augh! Good luck on that... I just have no words of advice, only sympathy.

    As for WHEN will things be the dream and ideal that you envision? Probably when they are teens, or pre-teen. But it's a comin'! Good things come to those who wait?

    And your boys being different... so they say. Each child is unique. I guess it's a testament of our individuality. Good luck with that as well!

    I'm sooo helpful. It was probably better when I couldn't comment.

  3. have you had the doc check ollie's poop to make sure he doesn't have c-diff or something? when you give him his baby food, are you mixing in plenty of rice-cereal or something that will combat all that fiber so maybe he won't poop all the time? give plenty of mashed bananas, too.

    and you definitely won't have to wait until the boys are teenagers. . . to make them the same lunch - lucy has been eating a very similar lunch to her siblings since around 15 months or so. so it will come. . . soon sort of!

    do you still make rhett have quiet time? some down time so he isn't totally run ragged by early evening. can you put him to bed earlier?

    and i think kids can go through phases of pickiness and not. well at least with my boys. emmy is just always a horrible eater but i don't really care anymore. she eats a decent breakfast and lunch and 2 snacks. she always hates what is made for dinner. except for maybe a couple times a month, she either eats dinner or nothing at all.

    3 pounds away is AWESOME and amazing! great job, seriously! and of course you can lose weight eating 1,200 calories of hot tamales. don't you remember the professor and his twinkie diet - it's so much a matter of calories, i guess. tho, of course, there is a difference in being thin and having a healthy heart. :)

    and, hey, i've told you like a thousand times to do the headband thing to your hair. wash your hair at night, headband it up - it does take me 5 minutes or less - and then in the morning take out the headband and you'll have luscious wavy hair.

    and, please, you don't not have to wait until they are teenagers. seriously, it gets better and easier. sure there are days - lots of days - that will still be so totally hard!!! but some days that things and kids just flow smoothly. don't give up all hope for the next 10 years. :)

    and, yes, lack of sleep is horrible. it affects us so much - our personality and all. so give yourself some slack and time and you will get some good sleep eventually.

    man i should have just called you.

  4. On those days when you need to rest, please don't feel guilty about putting on an educational video for Rhett and taking a rest. I've pretty much learned to let go of that guilt because, let's be honest, our kids don't watch hours of mindless TV everyday or movie after movie. We don't do it often, but it does help.

  5. Erin, woooo you can wear your pre baby clothes!!!!!! Not only is that incredibly awesome, but very inspiring to me!!!! I have hit a break through....while nursing "melts the pounds off some people," it makes me gain weight because I'm always STARVING. until about a month ago. I'm not as hungry. I can go a little longer and eat just 1severing instead of two (or three). I can feel myself start to lose weight. Yay yay yay.

    Anyway, I'm sorry you are going through a hard time. You are beautiful and thin and healthy. Maybe you could allow yourself some hot tamales once a week or something.

    Abou about the boys being different..of course I don't understand, but I see that would be hard. That's one thing I fear...that the next kid will be totally crazy or needy or something.

    I like the way you dream. Oh. And Fred used to eat at 8 then we'd both sleep till 10. No more of that. Now he wakes at 7 ish and it keeps getting earlier...yipes!!!

    Love you! You can do it!!

  6. I agree with all of the above comments! I'm exactly like Nikki with the baby weight while nursing. It doesn't really all come off until I am done nursing. Also, I try not to stress about it too much. Right now I am 13 pounds above my goal weight. The thing I tell myself is that is was a solid 9 months of packing on the pounds, so it takes at least 9 months to come off (Afton is like a year and a half). I know a lot of it has to do with my diet, but I would much rather allow myself to indulge a tiny bit each day and lose this weight slowly, than be miserable without my chocolate!

    Kids are hard, and they are always changing. Sam and Luke were awful as 2 year olds, but Afton was a dream. Now she is 3 and man, is she a terror! I mean, seriously. I don't know if it is a girl thing, or an Afton thing, but she has what we call "dramattacks" about every 5 minutes! Whenever I am about to rip my hair out, my mom always reminds me, "Little kids, little problems. Big kids, big problems." After watching my siblings going through their teens, I think this is 100% true!!

    Hang in their though- the sleep will get better. And let me tell you, you are going to LOVE watching Ollie and Rhett play together in the very near future. Also, I think you and Rhett are both going to love the preschool routine.