Friday, April 6, 2012

Why Chuck Can be a Single Dad

So while it's obvious that I'd really struggle as a single mom, I think Chuck would do much better at single parenting. When I go into cardiac arrest thinking of having to do the lawn or the killing of bugs inside the house, there is nothing that sends him into that state.

However, there are definitely places where he'd struggle. First, routines. Even though we both agree on this for our parenting methodology, he'd have a hard time self-disciplining. I think it would be many a time where he'd be playing a video game and POOF! It's 1:30 in the morning!

I think he'd also struggle in just the upkeep of the house. Neither one of us relishes in doing household chores (although I do love vacuuming; too bad there's not more carpet in my house). I just don't think he'd do them without me around nagging encouraging him. And luckily for him, he wouldn't even notice all the dust on the piano (that is, until Rhett starts writing his name on the bench) nor would he notice all the Bruno hair collecting on the kitchen floor. I don't have the luxury of not noticing.

Even though he'd be fine at getting meals on the table for the boys, I think the variety of the meals would be horrible. The sad thing about this is that probably no one would be around to care. Rhett would rejoice if he could have peanut butter and jelly everyday, as would Chuck. Pizza three nights in a row? Awesome--as long as Rhett gets his cheese and Chuck gets pepperoni. Heck, he'd probably even buy regular pepperoni (not the turkey pepperoni to which I subject him). But instead of meals repeating monthly, I think I'd see that reduced to about weekly. Sad for me, but not for them.

Finally, I think he'd struggle at getting out and doing things. He's more than content with staying inside or going to his parents' house. I, however, need to get out and run errands and go to the park or downtown or whatever. I think we both think getting out is good for everyone, it'd just be harder for Chuck.

What about the guys in your life? Do you think they'd be okay as single dads?

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  1. I loved these posts! Highly entertaining :) I think Justin could be a single dad with a few things--he really is great with the kids. And I think he's one of the best dads around. He is always playing with them and they want him all the time. But, he freaks out on some things with them and then he's yelling for me to help. Like when they are arguing over something or he's doing one thing and the other needs something else.

    I think they would eat the following: pizza, nuggets, hot dogs, mac n cheese and pbjs. He claims to love to cook, but I'm yet to see it!!