Monday, April 16, 2012

We Didn't Die!

I bet you all thought something horrible happened to me, right? I mean, no Monday post after a weekend watching someone else's kids? Nope! Still alive. Our internet, however, well, I can't say the same. We think some sort of power surge killed the router and POOF! Gone. It's killing me. I check my iPod touch for free wireless everywhere I go now (McDonald's, check! Thrift store, check!). Pretty pathetic. Anyway, we survived!

How did we do it? Here are the lessons learned:

1. Do make plans to get outside. I thought we'd spend the three-ish days inside, just hanging out, with occasional trips to our local playground. WRONG. After the very first hour, I knew we could NOT stay inside with the four kids all weekend. Four kids and two adults just don't play well in our small play room. So once Chuck got home from work, off to the playground!

2. Don't be afraid to get out of the house. Even though I didn't know these kids very well, I was pretty sure I could handle the older two (the Bigs) on an adventure, while Chuck could hold down the fort with the babies (the Littles). On Saturday I took the Bigs to a "Gas and Steam Engine" show at a farm park. It was outside + not terribly crowded + no double stroller necessary = the perfect outing. And on Sunday I took the Bigs to Church. I figured I just had to survive sacrament meeting and then I could have nearly two hours just for me while they went to Primary! Again, Chuck stayed home with the Littles.

3. Don't be afraid to break some of your household rules. Rhett gets TV at home twice a week. He knows it and while he might sometimes asks for more, he doesn't throw fits when I say no because he knows it won't work. But once nap time arrived and the Littles were down, I was pretty sure I wouldn't get the Bigs to nap. However, I could get some much-needed rest for me by putting on a movie during "quiet time." It totally worked. The kids rested and so did I.

4. Don't think you're going to get anything done except watching kids. I didn't plan on crafting, cleaning, shopping, or anything that wasn't keeping kids alive and mostly happy. Which is good because I got nothing done. So make sure your house is stocked with all the essentials!

5. Do throw the regular diet out the window. I normally try to get Rhett to eat some vegetables and protein during the day. But this past weekend? Hello carbs! Toast, sandwiches, fruit, crackers, pasta, waffles, Teddy Grahams...that was about our diet. It was all about just keeping the kids happy, which means no fights over food.

6. Do have some adult refreshments ready for when the kids go to bed. You'll be tired. You'll want something you don't want to share with the kids. And if you don't have something (ice cream, candy, soda, even vegetables if that's what you desire), you'll be sad. So sad. Trust me.

7. Do it. Find another couple with the number of kids you're comfortable watching (which is probably most fair if they have the same number of kids close in age to your own). Stick it out. I won't lie: it was tough. We were exhausted. But now we have this weekend! Totally worth it.

P.S. Although it may not look like it, I did take pictures of our guests. I just try to not post pictures of others' children without their permission (which I did not get because I was too lazy to ask).

P.P.S. Update on last week's Underwear Day: Unfortunately that morning Rhett decided it would be silly to do. So no, he didn't do it. Sad for me.


  1. sounds like you were pretty well-prepared really. not planning on extracurricular stuff for you was a good move. :)

    so sad about no adult treat! ugh - couldn't you have just made chuck run to the store and get you something!? unless it was sunday that you were especially craving it. . . ??? :)

    good job. and have SO fun on your weekend! can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. Did not get? You never asked! You totally can post pics of my kids if you want to Erin :) They had so much fun at your house - Becca keeps asking "Rhett come to Becca's house?!"