Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New York Recap, Part II

Driving in, NYC was covered with clouds. The kind of clouds that only mean rain. I didn't want to talk about it because I was afraid I'd start crying, but I just kept hoping they'd go away. We awoke (naturally! happily!) to a beautiful sunny day. YES.

The first on-accident thing was to spy the Flatiron Building. I remember learning about it in an architecture class, but don't remember much else. Still cool.

The first on-purpose thing we did was take the subway to a crazy doughnuts place. I tried a strawberry one and Chuck got vanilla bean filed with blackberry. Totally good. Maybe not the best idea to eat them before running, but hey, we've been meaning to do that dumb donut race in North Carolina for years, so why not begin training now?

After that was the morning run. I got my long run in the day we left (knowing Chuck wouldn't survive eight miles), so we could do a nice four miles together. And if that four miles happens to cross the Brooklyn Bridge, then all the better! So awesome. Tons of people, and such beautiful views. I didn't once get nervous about being on a bridge, so kudos to me.

We didn't just run the bridge to run; we ran with a purpose: go to a flea Market in Brooklyn. We (at least I think "we" and not just "I") really enjoyed this. It was more flea-y than the markets we frequent at home. Tons of random things and more good weather. The only downside of the trip came on the way home. We couldn't find the subway stop we wanted, couldn't find an internet connection, couldn't get on the trains we wanted...We were stopped at every corner. But again, we knew that we were in New York City (!), without our children (!), doing things our children would struggle with (!). So it was still all good.

Ha ha ha. California Raisins? Can they really be worth anything? And the view finders--they were everywhere.

Look at all the cool things they turned into rings. I really wanted that Monopoly iron one, but feared the handle stuck out too far.

Nikki--this one's for you! (Natalie, there was a Sikh festival but I felt awkward taking a picture. That one would have been for you.)

After finally making it back to the hotel for a shower, we made our way to lunch. I picked a funny little Japanese place, in homage to my parents. This restaurant is one of my favorite things we did on the trip. The restaurant had room for 16. That's it. Three tables that sat couples and ten seats at a bar. So cute. In fact, we couldn't find it at first and had to call someone with internet to check the location. Turns out we were sitting right in front of it (it was teeny and the door looked like it was a door to a construction site). But the food was so great. Makes me excited for Japan.

This was my lunch. How cool is the soup? I mean, honestly, when was the last time your soup was delivered on top of a sterno? Those noodles (soba) are meant to be dipped in the boiling soup and then eaten. So good.

Here is Chuck eating his. He did such a great job eating everything I picked out. You should pat him on the back should you see him soon.

After this was more candy. This store was totally awesome in a totally different way. It was not pretty nor silly. Just loaded with candy, top to bottom. See? Totally awesome. (Do you love how I go to NYC and manage to visit TWO candy stores? I do.) We got a bit more here, but still, very proud of me for my restraint.

Excuse the face.

The next stop was a store whose blog I follow. Such beautiful stuff. Too bad the fabric was $25 a yard. Well, maybe that's a good thing.

And after this was mini golf, on a pier overlooking the Hudson River. (Side poll: Who calls this "putt putt" and who calls it "mini golf?") Although the course was not the most intense course (we made it harder by enforcing additional rules on us like, "This hole you have to tee off with your eyes closed," or, "This hole you have to play left-handed."), we had a good time. And the view was exceptional. We even made friends with the four year old playing behind us. Can you believe it only cost $5 a person? We couldn't. Look how awesome the view is!

After golfing we were headed to a subway stop, and opted to walk on the bee-yoo-tiful Hudson River Park walkway to get there. Although this wasn't planned, next time it will be (maybe on bikes or rollerblades or for the morning run). More good people watching, more holding hands with my man, more pure loveliness.

And then can you believe we enjoyed more beautiful walking? I can't. But we did. The Highline. This might be in my top three of the weekend. This trail was built on an old elevated train track and it's so great. Even more great views. Even more great people watching. It ended way too soon.

So many interesting things. The water felt so good on my tired feet.

See the old tracks from the train? Neat-o.

What a great looking couple!

And here's one of the "surprise victories" of the weekend: Chuck's favorite hockey team, the Washington Capitals, were playing in the fifth game of their playoff series. I even forgot during the day because he was so great to not complain about how he was missing it. But when we walked by a bar that had it playing, we stopped in for the last four minutes to watch the Caps game-winning goal. Caps! Caps! Caps! (I think that's something they say at games. I'm trying.)

And the end of the trip tomorrow...


  1. Chuck sounds like he's a champ. And you sound like you were in heaven. So happy you got to enjoy a beautiful weekend! Awwwwwesome! You're convincing me that I CAN leave my girls for 2 nights overnight!

  2. Oh sure you can Natalie! We can do this!

    I'm loving all the cute pictures of you and Chuck together. And the hand holding.

    Go who? oh, Caps! We're clueless!

  3. oh my gosh, the typewriter glory!!! I want them all....especially the green one in the back. :)

    Wow what a great trip. I want you to plan all my future trips. and I want to go on a trip WITH YOU!!!!! You guys are excellent. I looovvvee you.

    happy birthday to you, cameraaaa, happy birthday to youuuuu!!!

  4. what a fun, fun day! i love the "out of the ordinary" stuff you guys did. i totally would have loved it, too. (what would chuck's itinerary have been if he alone decided???)

    california raisins - ha! and those rings are cool, but seem so bulky really.

    i call it miniature golf. yep i do.

    i'm still wanting to know what time you awoke on saturday. . .