Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New York Recap, Part III

After leaving the bar (Remember? Chuck saw the end of the Caps game and I checked internet?), we decided to book it to Times Square to see if tickets were available for Once. We love the movie and its music, so thought this would be the one show we'd see. We practically ran there after already walking what seemed like a half-marathon. This part of the trip was totally unplanned and mostly regretted. Well, not really, but man...I do not like crowds! Maybe that was the subconscious reason for wanting to do an insider's trip to NYC; I dunno. But it's Times Square: of course it was packed. We checked on the tickets, but we chose not to spend $150 on partially-obstructed seats. We got out of there nearly as quickly as we got in.

On the way to Times Square, Mood Fabrics just happened to be on the way. It was closed. But look how weird it looks! Kinda eerie.

We also passed some weird NFL store which happened to have the original Lombardi trophy. This thing usually sits in the NFL Hall of Fame, but was on loan to the store for a month. Cool. I guess.

By then we were exhausted with even more-exhausted feet. We found a cheap pizza place and then went back to the hotel. We wanted to stay up and watch "Saturday Night Live" so we could say, "Hey, we saw SNL in NYC!" (not mentioning it was on the TV and not in person), but we were both asleep by 10:30. Can you believe we slept in until 7:30 the next morning? I cannot. I mean, 7:30 is like my dream time. I would love if I could let my body wake me at 7:30. But oh well. That's just not my life right now...except when it is. Ha.

We quickly vacated the hotel so we could grab a bite to eat and get in line for our 10:00 a.m. bus. I must mention breakfast. New York is known for bagels, so researching which one is the best is hard. But I chose one and WOWEE. I mean, the bagel was good, really good even. But the cream cheese was so so good. It was a cinnamon walnut raisin. I'm going to make it for myself, and if my sister lived closer, I'd make some for her too. Love. I chose wisely. (Update: I made this cream cheese Monday night for my bagel lunch the next day. I remembered the walnuts, raisins, and even a touch of brown sugar but completely forgot the cinnamon. Will try again.)

(Oh, remember when I posted about grocery prices? Be glad you don't live in NYC! We stopped at a grocery store to grab lunch for the bus ride home and yikes. Wheat Thins were over $5 a box. Oreos were also more than $5. The two-liter of Coke was $3. This is not what we purchased, just what we noticed. We purchased health foods like Pepperidge Farm shortbread cookies, Pringles, and some weird soda.)

Also remember how I expressed concern about the weather? Saturday in its entirety was perfect. Seriously perfect. Not too hot for when we were walking around. But not cold enough to require jackets. I loved it. However, Sunday morning the rain started. But what did we care?! We were leaving.

Picture leaving from the bus...

The bus ride home was uneventful. We got to chat, read, and I wrote all three recap posts! Was the trip too short? Of course. Did we miss the boys? Not really. We knew they were okay and in good hands. Really, it was a vacation for Rhett too; he loves when we leave him. (Ollie is too little to need vacations.) I think it's important for couples to spend time together. (Not that I think you need to go to NYC, or even go somewhere overnight. But obviously I believe in dating and the overnight stuff is a HUGE bonus, when possible.) We even discussed where the next child-free trip should take us! And lest you think we're ready to abandon our littles, we also discussed our next family vacation as well.

P.S. What did we bring Rhett? Mementos from the candy stores of course! A fun t-shirt plus this. Do you think he liked it? (Sorry Ollie, but you're just too young to care so you got nothing.)


  1. Jealous. Capital J.

    And that sucker holy crap.

  2. aw, another great post of your great adventures. i'm so glad you guys went. i wish i were that brave. :)

    perfect that cream cheese on a bagel and serve it to me over the summer time. on a rich's bagel. ohhhhh, so excited!

    oh love the sucker. so do my kids! jonas just asked, "is that really how big it is?!"

  3. Getting back to reality aside (which is always a bummer), it seems like you had a fantastic trip! Holy moly, that is one large sucker!

  4. That sucker is one of the best things I have ever seen. Has he even come close to finishing it?! Glad that your trip was so much fun!!