Monday, April 9, 2012


I totally failed at Easter this year. This second child has sapped me of all energy to do anything resembling a fun tradition (except for Pi Day, of course). Don't believe me? I present the evidence.

Exhibit A: Poor Ollie didn't even have an Easter basket, and I rationalized it by saying (1) he's only eight months old, (2) he can't even hold an Easter basket while walking around because he can't walk, and (3) he can't eat anything in it (sorry but no pureed sweet potatoes nor butternut squash in our Easter baskets). All legit excuses, I know. But still, he didn't have one.

Exhibit B: We looked for eggs only because a dear friend organized a hunt. Each attendee brought ten eggs filled with goodies, the adults "hid" them in the grass, kids "searched" for them, and then we went home with ten eggs that were not their own. Rhett was a little disappointed to not have much chocolate in his eggs, so I ate what he didn't want. His life is HARD. (But look at those cute friends of his!)

Exhibit C: We had no egg hunt nor basket hunt at home. Nothing. Nada. Just a "Happy Easter" with a Peeps banner.

But I may have redeemed myself with the following:

Exhibit D: Matching ties for the boys. (I won't mention how much of a fail Ollie's velcro-to-a-onesie-bowtie was, however. The saddest thing about it is that on Saturday I gave the exact thing to a friend at her baby shower. I totally need to redo it. Good thing her baby isn't due until July.) But can you see how "real" this photo is? I mean, Rhett's face. Sigh. And Ollie? Look close for all the spit up that escaped him. Check out the chin (obviously), the pants, and the neckline of his onesie.

Exhibit E: Carrot cake. (Carrot? Easter bunny? Bunnies? Carrots? Get it?) I love my Mom's carrot cake recipe. Of course, Ollie was completely content to just eat the bottom of the table.

Regardless of my omissions and failures, we had a great weekend. We've had a great spring break. And we want none of it to end.

P.S. To those of you going to playgroup tomorrow, I'm bringing the leftover carrot cake cupcakes. They're good. Heavy and filled with carrots, coconut, raisins, nuts, pineapple. Frosted with cream cheese loveliness. Clearly you understand why I need to get rid of them.

P.P.S. I'm married again! After only nine months of not being able to wear my wedding rings, they're back. I thought the non-fitting was due to just being "thick" but it turns out that it was due to calcium deposits on my knuckles making it impossible for rings to fit over them. But after a resizing, all is well again, Mrs. Me!

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  1. congrats on the marriage.

    the cameo picture is one of my favs. your boys are awesomely cute.

    and that does sound like a perfectly lovely easter. seriously. (Lucy didn't have a basket last year either.)

    we did the eggs in the backyard and the baskets, but my kids have never done a "real" easter egg hunt that has been organized, etc. so rhett should count himself lucky. :)