Monday, April 23, 2012

New York Recap, Part I

After last week's WWIII over a totally innocuous (and yummy) dinner, Chuck and I were ready to be childless for a weekend (or more). It seemed to come at the perfect time, until I realized that every weekend is the perfect time for a get-a-way with your spouse. Overall the trip was just awesome. I found that Chuck and I can talk about things not relating to the children or the house. We can pretend that we're on the "Amazing Race" and have fun doing it. I highly recommend doing this (or some other childfree trip) to all my parent-friends.

After composing this post in my head on the bus, it became quite obvious that it would require more than one post. So, my apologies in advance for the week-long trip report.

First, some general observations about New York. I know it sounds naive, but there are people everywhere and at all times. You know how D.C. empties after about 7? (Maybe you don't, but it does.) Not New York. Also, I know I'm Mormon and don't smoke, but I still was under the assumption that smoking isn't really a thing anymore. I was wrong. It's still a thing that's alive and well in NYC. People smoked everywhere, even people who were clearly going to or coming from exercise, or those in the middle of a run! Finally, I couldn't completely clear out the parent in me and I noticed playgrounds wherever we went. And in NYC they are AMAZING. I wanted to take pictures of all of them. Okay. Enough dumb observations; onto the recap!

As a planner, I spent some time pinning down the perfect itinerary for us. Because I like to be *different* (channeling 14-year-old me), I didn't want the typical NYC trip. So no Empire State Building, no Statue of Liberty, no Ground Zero. All are worthwhile things, but I wanted none of them. What did I want? I wanted a trip where we did things that New Yorkers might do on their weekends. I really dislike crowds (Uh, then why NYC, erin? Ask a little louder next time. I'm a trifle deaf in this ear.), so as much as we could stay away from them the better. And in the end, we only fought big crowds once.

We were lucky enough to get our boys to our friends' house early on Friday morning. We were hoping we'd be able to get on an earlier bus. Alas, that did not happen. But it did mean we assured ourselves of being able to sit together, which wouldn't have happened had we got on the earlier one. Besides, sitting on the ground waiting for our bus without kids was still enjoyable. What was not enjoyable was eating all of our bus food before we got on the bus. That's so me.

The bus ride went okay. The buses are nice these days, unlike the old Chinatown buses. They're equipped with (semi-reliable) WiFi and outlets, so you can keep yourself busy easily. (Please no comments about how we need electronics to keep ourselves entertained on a four-hour bus ride.) We left a bit late but traffic moved okay...until the Lincoln Tunnel. I realize we hit it Friday afternoon, but still. We moved (and I'm not exaggerating here) about two miles in about an hour. Good thing I wasn't driving because I would have pulled out all my hair. Finally, however, we made it. We went immediately to the hotel to drop our stuff and get to dinner.

Dinner that night was at a small, Italian place. Although highly-rated everywhere I looked, it was tiny and not crowded even at the hip dinner time of 7:30! Sure, it was full. But I estimate maybe 24 people at a time were able to be there, and about half of that seating was outside. It was a bit chilly, but we knew the warm food would warm our bodies, so we opted for the outside seating with people-watching capabilities. Good choice, us.

After dinner was a trip to Candy Store #1. (Yes, #1 which means there is more.) This store was so happy and fun and silly. I mean, how could I not go here? It's candy. I should mention that I didn't buy that much for me. I was really proud of myself. We tried a bunch of different gummy bears (raspberry, grape, peach, brain-shaped, etc.), but only bought four or so of each. Of course when it's all $12 a pound, it's easy to have self-control.

Yes, this is real candy in the floor. I want to do this somewhere (everywhere) in my house.

Look at all the Pez!


We returned to the hotel and our room to enjoy (1) the king-sized bed, (2) the quiet, and (3) our own natural alarm clocks. No children waking in the 5 o'clock hour. No children saying, "You're making me sleep too long" at 6:15 a.m. It was so lovely.

Part II (and the winner of the contest!) tomorrow...


  1. ohhhh, i'm loving it. yay! fun candy store.

    and i liked your "dumb observations."

    i'm anxious to know what time you awoke on saturday morning. . .

    do we really get the part II tomorrow - or will we have to wait until wednesday???

  2. Oh I'm so glad you had a great time! Do you know that in nearly 11 years of marriage we have been away (ALONE) a grand total of...once. LAME! I like NYC, but after so long the noise, crowds and smoke give me a headache. I've only gone and done the super toriest stuff though. I'm dying to do a Central Park/MET/MoMA trip. Looking forward to seeing the rest!

  3. kudos to the WW quote, very apropro.