Monday, April 2, 2012

I Can't Turn My Back for a Second!

Rhett was never like this. Ever. Well, probably he was, I just don't remember. But man, this one's driving me crazy!

Rhett had nothing to do with this, except to keep him safe while I grabbed the camera. He was going to fall forward any second. But dang, look how happy he was about his climbing skills!

And how oh he loves Bruno and all things Bruno-related (beds, dishes, toys, etc.). As soon as I took him out of the car seat, here he was.

As soon as I grabbed him from Bruno's crate, he was headed to the cord to the toaster! I did NOT wait to grab a camera on this one. This baby. This lovely, happy, knows-what-he-wants baby.

The eight-month-old pictures. Eight months! Two-thirds-year! One-third to two! All good things!

P.S. Non-conference highlight of the weekend: running a fast-for-me eight miles to justify eating Monkey Bread. Seriously, I wonder if that would be my "one meal." You know, if you had to pick only one food to eat for every meal of every day, what would it be? And don't be lame and pick something like a chicken salad with veggies and feta and croutons (you know, so you get all the food groups covered). Pick something you love. Like Monkey Bread.

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  1. hhhahahaha cute crazy kid!!!
    I love that Rhett was helping you out. Man, that guy's all grown up, huh?