Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Child's Toy Quiz

Let's see how well you know children's toys. Fill in the blanks. (And yes, this was sold as a set.)

Question 1: This is a ________.

BARN! Good job.

Question 2: This is a ________.

COW! Great.

Question 3: This is a ________.

CHICK! Nicely done.

Question 4: This is a ________.

SHEEP! You really know your stuff!

Question 5: This is a ________.

Anyone? Anyone? If you can guess exactly what we call it in our house, I'll send you a prize.


  1. I'm going with Ameba. It's funny how some toys look so strange!! I'm curious to hear the answer!

  2. Roundy. no clue. too funny.

  3. Isaac thinks you call him... Cucumber. And I'm going to go with purpley