Friday, June 15, 2012

Rule Breaker

It has recently come to my attention that I'm the only one following rules, and I feel like I'm being punished for it. For example:

During the half marathon in St. Michaels, I was told that there were NO headphones allowed. I know why they do this: it's a safety thing. If you have headphones on, you can't hear traffic or attackers. Got it. So I didn't bring mine so I wouldn't even be tempted. But what did I see at the race? Headphones everywhere! Everyone had them. I'm certain I could have dramatically reduced my time had I been listening to some of my podcasts.

Then there's stuff at work. My new boss asked that his staff do something. I did, but turns out no one else did. What?! Why?! Why do I have to be the idiot who does every little thing?

Finally, on the road. I use my turn signal. I obey signs when they say, "No Turn on Red" even when I really really want to turn on red. I don't change lanes on the Bay Bridge, even though I really want to go around the car going five miles less than the speed limit. But all these other jerks are doing all these things that I want.

Anyway that's it.

I know this post isn't very exciting, but I've been wearing glasses for two weeks straight. No contacts. That has to have an effect on something, right? Let's see if I can find a fun picture or two to enliven this post.

In peanut butter-y times...


  1. well that's life, i guess. some are the rule-makers, some the rule-obeyers, and some the rule-breakers. i think following the rules, though, is pretty grand. i mean, don't you feel good about yourself?! but it is totally frustrating; i totally understand that, too. life just ain't fair. something i tell my kids everyday - although i don't say ain't.

  2. Think about it less as being the idiot who follows rules and more as the renegade trend-setter. You're cutting edge. You're a lone wolf. You're different from the rest of the high school pack. You're unique. You're just way ahead of the curve. We'll catch up to you someday.

    P.S. I use my turn signal about 70% of the time. That's decent, right?

  3. The road ones I follow too, mainly because it's curtious and because you can actually get a ticket for turning when it says not to (We almost did once) or changing lanes when you're not suppose to. There's a difference between a law and a rule. I tend to follow laws but not always rules. :-)