Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Things Rhett Says

Me: Right, Rhett?
Rhett: Right indeed woman!
Seriously, where does he get this? Do not think Chuck talks to me like this. He doesn't.

After I lightly salted his green beans...
Rhett: Thanks for giving this more taste.

Rhett: Mom, I think you're definitely going to die before me.
Me: Oh yeah, why do you think that?
Rhett: Because you're old.
Oh little Rhett, how I only hope that's true. Just let me be very old, and let you be kinda old when I go.

After feeling sick for a couple of days...
Me: And how are you feeling today, compared to yesterday?
Rhett: Yesterday I was four squares sick. But today it's only one!
The following day...
Rhett: Now I only feel sick a half a square!

Rhett is forever saying this one when Ollie is escaping up the stairs or into Bruno's crate...
Rhett: You better watch your son, Mom.

While getting ready for bed...
Rhett: Will you turn this to it's not outside-in, you know, so it's outside-out?

We were reading the illustrated stories from the Bible, and I happened to notice that the next night's story was on Ruth and Esther. I told him how exciting it was to read about girls in the scriptures and then that moved our conversation to other girls in scriptures and then that moved to what would you have wanted to name a baby sister? (Not sure how smooth that transition was, but I digress.) At first we were being silly with hypothetical names, "Sister Bear!" And then "Mama Bear!" And then the silliest, "Papa Bear!" But then Rhett nearly yells, "Oh I got it. NIPPLES!"

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  1. dang that boy is such a hoot! can't wait to hang out with him and hear all his funny stuff live. :)

  2. So freaking hilarious, my favorite MIGHT be "You better watch your son" HA. Love kids.