Monday, June 4, 2012

Ollie at 10 Months

I have to admit how surprised I am at how much I'm enjoying this age.This Ollie, I sure like him! He's a happy little baby. He still loves to put everything in his mouth (now including dog food and dirt). He is standing, unassisted, for 10 seconds at a time. He's waking us before 6 (probably his biggest personality flaw). He doesn't like books, but I blame myself for that one. And his hair remains totally awesome. He will have bed hair for his whole life, I fear. But hooray! He's almost 1! (I'm already planning the first birthday t-shirt.)

Rhett is just now learning that he can carry him and wants to do it at all times. You can clearly see how Ollie feels about it. Don't worry; we don't encourage this behavior at all.


  1. carrying your younger sibling is definitely a rite of passage. whatever that really means. i love it, though.

    i, too, love ollie's hair. it's simply great.

    what a cutie.

  2. He really IS a happy fellow. Just so easy going! I love it! And the hair. I hope it stays like this at least through adolescence. Awesome.