Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Ahh...all my grand plans. Chuck Day. Bike Shopping. Long runs. Beautiful weather. Bike riding. All of it either puked up or, well, the other one.

The last week of school is supposed to easy when you're a high school teacher and a high school teacher's wife. Unfortunately, it was not. The boys got sick Wednesday night, were mostly better by Friday (but thereby killing Chuck's "Chuck Day" in the process), but then the sickness transferred to Chuck early Saturday morning. I've never heard such violent vomiting in my life. Not even on TV. Then Saturday night, I didn't feel well, although I was lucky enough to escape the puking.

However, Friday between sickies was an okay day. We bought Chuck a bike so he could pull the trailer and all the boys took it for a quick spin before dinner. I think they're going to have a lot of fun with it during the summer.

But Fathers' Day was pretty crappy. Chuck got up earlier than he should have, dinner was thrown together at the last minute and not what he asked for, and I forgot part of his present. Argh. So, I will try it again. Next week: Fathers' Day, Part II.


  1. Love Rhett's face in the last pic. Well, you can't win them all, E. Seriously... nearly every other holiday I've heard you celebrate has been a little too perfect. But sooooo sorry you got hit with illness! Sounds exhausting. The bike + trailer looks like tons of fun!

  2. yeah, that so stinks. but i just can't help but think that the galbraith in us must of iron stomachs or something. last time our family got hit by the stomach flu, everyone barfed but me! sometimes i'd rather just barf than the other end. . . but oh well.

    the bike and trailer look like a perfect combo for fun! i'm sure they will all love it. i'm jealous. i think i need to get one.

    i'm sure chuck will appreciate father's day part 2 next sunday, so no worries! :) why didn't you make him what he asked for? just curious. . . :)