Friday, June 8, 2012

Random Thoughts

Would you rather have a little box of four fancy small chocolates or a regular-sized candy bar?

How long should I keep checking private blogs that are never updated? I just always hope that there will be an update, but there's not.

Let's say you have some bug bites on your leg. Do you (1) wear pants in the hopes that they'll keep you from scratching, or (2) wear shorts/skirt because long clothes will constantly annoy the bites?

I have a friend who claims she cannot make rice krispie treats. Just can't. Me? I cannot make chocolate chips cookies. I try. I swear I do. But I just can't. I've tried all sorts of recipes but they all fail for various reasons. I'm blaming it on Maryland. Everything is Maryland's fault.

Man, I really really love the women I know. Seriously, I've never felt like I enjoyed the company of so many woman every before. Sure, I have a couple of BFFs, but I've always only had a couple and that's it. And now, it's not like I have a million BFFs, but I have such a great circle of women that I get to be around and I just love it. LOVE. Every time we get together for craft night, baby showers, girls' nights, play dates, I enjoy their company immensely.

Chuck and I have been splurging lately with the purchase of these scented trash bags. They smell so good.


  1. i'm not really a candy bar person, so i'd say 4 fancy chocolates. (was this something you got at church for mother's day?)

    i check some private blogs b/c it only takes a second. someday perhaps. . .

    i'd wear whatever i wanted to regardless of the bug bite.

    i'm not the best chocolate chip cookie maker either. they taste fine, but don't look wonderful. i blame it on the altitude. :)

    love that you have some lovely women friends!

    i just bought laundry soap with febreee scent. it's nice!

  2. funny to read this today. i have been an absentee private blogger for so long, and just started catching up today. posting stuff from october. it is pathetic. we just got a new computer. way faster, way easier to get blogging done. hopefully i'll be better!

    candy bar

    check my blog...but it's lame

    really, you think this much about the clothes you wear because of a bug bite. funny.

    i make great chocolate chip cookies and rice crispy treats. neener neener :)

    completely jealous of your friend situation. enjoy it, appreciate it. I think it is unique and rare.

  3. 4 fancy chocolates, preferably Sees or something like that.

    I'm thinking of becoming a private blogger (whenever I start blogging again) but I promise I'll keep my public info up and linked to my private blog so you can still get it in reader. in case you were worried...

    re the cookies: I have good success with the Nestle Toll House Choc Chip Oatmeal cookies. I leave the butter on the counter to let it soften. OR slice it into a dozen pats on a plate to speed the process. If I try to soften it in the microwave first it gets too melty and then that makes the batch kinda funny. I cream the sugar and butter together, then add the eggs and vanilla. I mix the baking soda in with the flour (my recipe has something about mixing it with warm water first?? weird.) I use a stand mixer (mine is a Bosch Compact Universal or something like that). I switch to a dough hook to add the oatmeal and choc chips. (then there are two beaters for kids to lick) I use a cookie scoop. But like you say, maybe it's just Maryland. : ) Obviously I make these with my kids quite a bit. I almost have it memorized. Sometimes I use whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose and it gives the cookies a graham cracker flavor. Rolled or instant are both fine.

  4. Fancy chocolates for sures.

    I always forget to check private blogs and that is the main reason I haven"t made our blog private yet; I don't want people to forget about me.

    I can't say I've ever given much thought to the bug bite/clothing question...

    I have an awesome cookie recipe that seems to work in Maryland. I use a stand mixer and just slightly underbake them to keep them soft. I'll share the recipe if you want.