Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers' Day Thoughts

(Excuse the dour thoughts. It was one of those days. But I'll try to also look on the bright side of things.)

Downside: Don't count on Amazon to deliver things on time. Chuck's presents consisted of a paper banner, homemade apple pie, and matching outfits with Rhett (although I'm pretty sure that's just a present for me).
Upside: Fathers' Day just gets re-celebrated when the actual gifts arrive.

Downside: Rhett kinda blew the surprise of what he picked out for Chuck for Fathers' Day.
Upside: He surprised him with an even better present: going to the bathroom on the toilet! What the what?! This is absolutely amazing for our child. Tomorrow starts the official first day of potty training, but hey, we'll take this for sure. I'm pretty sure the M&M's as reward are working.

Downside: Just because your son goes to sleep two hours late on Saturday, does not mean he'll sleep in the next day. In fact, he'll likely get up at the same exact time as he normally would.
Upside: There is none.

Downside: I look like a professional bowler with my wrist brace.
Upside: I look like a professional bowler with my wrist brace!

Downside: My calling nearly made me go into early labor yesterday with the stress.
Upside: My calling nearly made me go into early labor yesterday with the stress! (Oh, do I have a post in the works about this calling. As soon as I'm released, so will the post be.)

Downside: I have to start full-time work tomorrow while these boys get to hang out and play and potty train...without me.
Upside: I'll have these lovely pictures to look at all day and remind me of the complete happiness that they bring me.

Do you think once I have two sons, I can stop including Chuck in this disgusting display of matchy-matchy? I kind of hope so.


  1. Keep up the matching as long as Chuck goes along with it! I think your father's day prep was awesome- even sans present! Do you want to know what we did? Nothing! No card, no nice dinner, nothing! Switzerland doesn't celebrate father's day and it is surprisingly hard to remember without all of the TV commercials and store card displays. Don't worry- we are celebrating tonight instead!

  2. I love your banner...HOW CUTE! At least Chuck had presents on the way, I didn't do anything for Al. We had been traveling all last week and have been so busy ever moment since we've returned that I didn't plan a single thing. Sunday is my day to sleep in, too...I didn't even get up with the kids so he could sleep in.

    I can't imagine the stress of your calling, at the moment. With your camp director bailing at the last minute and you starting work at the same time...WHOA! I hope you have a great week and enjoy the air condition and lack of humidity at the office :)

  3. i love your blog! Chuck and Rhett look great. I've been into banners lately ....i love your father's day banner .

  4. they look so dapper - i adore it!

  5. Your posts are so entertaining! I love it. I love the matchy matchy. If I ever get a boy, I would love to do the same but who knows if Justin is as good of a sport as Chuck? The banner is adorable!! So darling.